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Suitable for Rectangular Duct

The AJS Type D - fire damper range is designed for internal / induct installation of low & medium air velocity systems. Manufactured by us in the UK providing a curtain type fire damper designed specifically to prevent the spread of flames through ductwork systems in fire conditions.
Specification / Features
  • A continuous series of folded and interlocked hinged blades make up the fire curtain barrier, contained within the fully welded (airtight) damper casing.
  • The trailing curtain blade is fixed to the head/top of the damper casing, held open via a fusible link element set to trigger @ 72ºC.
  • Two constant force stainless steel type 302 coiled band springs, exerting a pull of not less than 35n attached to the leading blade & the radius locking ramps, (profiled to the curtain/blade assembly) fitted to the base/bottom of the damper casing, facilitates the curtain/blade closure, creating both a positive lockdown of the curtain/blades & barrier to flames within the ductwork system.
Damper Model
  • Type D
Duct Connection type
  • Rectangular Induct / Internal Installation
Factory Fitted Installation Option
  • None
Material Option
  • Galvanised steel.
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Curtain Fire Dampers
Fire Dampers (Rectangular)
Induct / Internal
Type D - Induct / Internal
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