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Suitable for Spiral/Circular
The AJS range offers a fast, effective solution with the installation, hanging and clamping of products associated spiral/circular duct. The range of profiled products are designed and manufactured to suit various applications and installation methods of a ductwork system.
Specification / Features
Product /Model Range
Suspension Rings
  • A single point suspension clamp
  • Size Range: 80 to 400mm Ø
Split Rings
  • A double point suspension clamp
  • Size Range: 80 to 1250mm Ø
Fast Clamps
  • 90mm wide clamping collar
  • Size Range: 80 to 315mm Ø
  • Material: Galvanised & Stainless steel
Flexible Duct Connector
  • Prevents the transmission of vibration and noise through ductwork systems
  • Size: 25m Carton
Lightning Band
  • Clamping strip contained within its own dispenser.
  • Material: Zinc plated mild steel
  • Dispenser: 30m
  • Housing: 100 per box
Stainless Banding
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dispenser: 30m
  • Quick Connectors: 50 per box
Quick Release Clamps
  • Individually assembled labour saving clips
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Size Range: 60 to 540mm Ø
Nylon Clamping
  • An alternative economic  & fast connection method

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Banding, Clamping & Hanging
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