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Suitable for Spiral/Circular Duct
AJS INALFLEX is designed specifically for the HVAC Industry, offering a quick and simplified solution for connecting to circular and oval ducting. Developed to minimise heat gain and loss as a direct result of the temperature differentials between airflow and the surrounding ambient air, creating a vapour barrier that prevents condensation build up on the outside of duct. AJS ALFLEX (the inner duct) together with either 25mm or 50mm insulation enclosed within an outer skin/jacket. A multi-layer aluminium/polyester laminate fabric, reinforced fibreglass yarn, provides strength whilst remaining tear resistant and fully flexible. As the product DOES NOT CONTAIN PVC, no toxic vapours/gases are emitted in the event of a fire occurring.
Specification / Features
  • Size Range: 80mm Ø to 610mm Ø
  • Insulation: 16kg/m3 25mm fibreglass
  • Temperature Range: -30ºC to +140ºC
  • Max Air velocity: 30m/sec
  • Max Positive Pressure: 2500Pa
  • Length: 10m
  • Compressed Packaged Lgth: 1m per box
  • Successful Fire Test: BS476 parts 6,7 & 20
  • Reinforced Aluminium/Polyester
  • Also available with 50mm insulation.

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Flexible Duct
Insulated Flexible Duct
150mm Dia Flexible Duct - Insulated - 10 Mtr Length
150mm Dia Flexible Duct - Insulated - 10 Mtr Length

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150mm Dia Insulated Aluminium Flexible Duct - 10 Mtr Length

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