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Suitable for Rectangular Duct

The AJS range of pressed access doors have been designed to gain easy and safe access to all in-duct equipment for inspection, maintenance and duct cleaning. Suitable for low to high pressure systems, comprising of a seamless one piece, pre pierced (for ease of installation) sub frame that can be either flush or exterior mounted, together with a double skin insulated door panel complete with factory fitted safety retaining chain.

Size Options
  • Type A - 233 x 143
  • Type B - 362 x 227
  • Type C - 494 x 354
  • Type D - 647 x 496

Specification / Features
  • Double skinned construction.
  • Manufacture from 0.7mm galvanised mild steel (as standard).
  • Encapsulating 21mm fire retardant thermal and acoustic Insulation.
  • One piece extruded neoprene, high compression seal with self-extinguishing fire properties.
  • Progressive action cam lock fasteners.
  • Zinc plated safety retaining chain fitted as standard,
  • BSRIA Quality approved pressure tested.
Available Options
  • 25mm Deep.
  • installation spacer frame  - 50mm
  • Factory fitted safety retaining chain. (as standard)
  • Factory fitted hinge.
Material Option
  • Galvanised steel
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